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Supporting courts, community and legal aid self help practitioners

In 2003, the State Justice Institute provided funding to the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to develop and maintain, a national clearinghouse of information on self representation. Utilizing the web platform of Pro Bono Net, was officially launched in January of 2004. The NCSC is considered the "host organization" for this clearinghouse along with its associated projects and services.

Other than the daily maintenance of the clearinghouse by the National Center for State Courts, Knowledge and Information Services, and the maintenance of the web platform by Pro Bono Net, several other national organizations participate in and support this project, including: the Legal Services Corporation, the American Judicature Society, Zorza Associates, the Chicago-Kent College of Law, the Justice Management Institute, and the American Association of Law Libraries.

The site is meant to be a virtual meeting place for people involved with providing pro se assistance or directing pro se and self help programs. Through the site, the members can access the over 2,000 materials in their virtual library, as well as take advantage of several groups or listservs, receive a monthly newsletter, and network with other professionals through their extensive roster, network calls, and webinars. is constantly adding information to the clearinghouse and membership grows daily. The larger our membership, the more effective the site becomes, so recommend to others in the field, and do not hesitate to let us know about new developments in access to justice programs in your community.

If you have suggestions for the site, or want to know more about the people behind it, contact us at at

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