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New Access to Justice Blog

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Richard Zorza's blog at, is about access to
justice, and is designed for those in who in the field to obtain and
discuss new ideas. He defines access to justice broadly to include
innovations in courts, the bar, legal aid and community that make it
easier for people to obtain access to justice institutions, and to just
results within those institutions. The blog may also contain material
from unrelated fields that is thought relevant to work in this area.

Recent posts on the blog include:

* Justice Corps News from Cook County - a Great Foreclosure
MediationSupport Model
* Chicago Bar Foundation Has New Report on Legal Aid Including
Brief Service Stats, and Citing Useful 2009 Report on Effectiveness of
Self-Help Services
* Wonderful New Historical Analysis Tool from Google - Shows
Changing Views of "Courts," "Justice," and "Fairness"
* Dept of Justice Access Initiative Website and Foreclosure
Mediation Resource
* Justice Laurie Zelon Gets Award -Take a Look at the Powerful and
Innovative Elkins Task Force Report
* Foreclosure and Credit Cases - What is to be done?
* Center for Budget and Policy Priorities Analysis of State
Budgets - And Some Suggestions

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