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Community Lawyering: Using Lowbono as a Resource for Clients and Practitioners - ABA Pro Bono Exchange

Monday, February 27, 2012

This post from the Pro Bono Exchange, the blog of the ABA Center for Pro Bono Resources, discusses a model for low bono, or legal services offered at a significantly discounted rate to low, middle income or underrepresented communities, that was created by Community Lawyers, Inc. (CLI).

The program, which works very organically due to limited funding, provides a network for the new solo attorneys as well as a resource to community members who may not otherwise qualify for conventional forms of legal aid.

CLI holds clinics during the evening hours and on weekends when services are more readily available to clients who can not attend daytime court clinics or self help hours. The volunteer attorneys answer simple legal questions, assist legal services consumers with forms and refer them to legal services organizations if appropriate. In addition to providing these brief services, lawyers also gain mentorship opportunities and potential clients.

For more on this program read the full post.

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